Stretch & Relax
Private or Group Sessions







Stretch out those tight muscles!  Get your body Balanced!
Learn Stretches to get your pains and kinks out!
We are not offering Stretching Classes at the moment, but we do offer
stretching flexibility sessions with Tracy. Please call for appointments.  
Take care of you!
Great Back Stretches - Stretches to help relieve pains in your joints, like
knees, hips and shoulders. Stretches for sciatica pain. Get relief by
stretching. Learn Stretches you can do at home that can
last a life time.  
Be good to yourself!
Why is Stretching & Flexibility so important?
Flexibility is influenced by several factors including age, genetics and
gender. Lack of use, injury or disease can decrease joint mobility. Not only
does stretching make us more flexible, it can help tone the muscles.
Stretching benefits the mind and the emotions and can soothe the nerves.
Some daily aches and pains, including stiffness in muscles and joints can be
relieved with a daily stretch program.
When a person does not stretch to reach the specific muscles used in their
physical activities, one can feel injured when he/she may only have a tight
muscle causing tension or pulling on a joint area.
Stretch the whole body to keep it balanced. When we are unbalanced we get
aches and pains.

The ACSM and other exercise education leaders are continually making us
aware of safer and more effective exercises and stretches.  A stretch or
exercise you learned 10 years ago may not be giving you the benefits you
wish to attain and could be causing injury elsewhere.

It is very important to stay current on the latest research
and studies from the appropriate fitness education professionals.

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