Personal Training Sessions

Private Personal Training
in Long Beach California or Via Internet - Zoom Fitness Training

Please know that Covid19 precautions may limit your visits to only Zoom sessions. 

Tracy's brings 25+ years of training and experience in the Fitness Industry and
her extensive education to you in
Private and Group Fitness Training Sessions & Classes

Private Personal Training  
Private Pilates Sessions  
Private Yoga Sessions  
Private Stability Ball and/or Balance Disc Sessions
Battle Rope Training
One-On-One Personal Training Prices -Click Here
Benefits of having Private Personal Training Sessions with Tracy

When you have private personal training sessions you will learn which
exercises work for your body.  The focus of the last sentence is "YOUR

Our bodies all go through it's own individual life experiences from birth.  
We age, we have accidents & injuries, body pains etc.  It is best to take
the time to focus on what exercises, stretches, movements etc,  
benefit your body and which ones would not.

Once you connect to your body and learn what works good for you, you
can take your learnings and use it in everyday life.   You will feel safe
and confident exercising at home or at the gym on your own or in a group.
Private Personal Training Studio/Gym Facility in Florence Oregon
with a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

Group Personal Training
Benefits of have Group Personal Training Sessions with Tracy
In group personal training it is the same, except you are with others and
learning your individual exercises with others as they learn theirs.  It is
not as personal because others in the group will also be there as you
learn, but it is less costly while sharing sessions with others.
Group Personal Training in Florence Oregon with a Certified Personal
Trainer and Certified Group Exercise Instructor

Either way, you will get connected to your body and you will learn what
you can do to gain strength, balance, flexibility and over all having a more
fit and healthy body.  It is a win win!

Group Personal Training Prices (more then 1 Person) - Click Here
Remember, you are the only one who can make changes in your body.

Private or Group Personal Training in Florence, Oregon with Tracy
Tracy's Personal Training

Fitness, Personal Training, Pilates and Yoga in Florence Oregon, 97439

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