Tracy L. Markley is the author nine books.  

     Tracy is an award winning author and an award winning Personal Trainer. She has been in the fitness industry for over two decades. She owned "Tracy's Personal Training & Boot Camps in Huntington Beach, California before moving to Oregon and beginning her fitness training there as Tracy's Personal Training, Pilates and Yoga Studio. Tracy is the 2021 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year and she was a IDEA 2020 Personal Trainer of the Year Finalist. She is a NFHOF Pro (National Fitness Hall of Fame) 2019 Recognized as one of "Today's Top Trainers" Tracy is the 2019 Medical Fitness Professional of the Year, first runner up. She has been recognized for her work and books worldwide. Her books and videos have helped many stroke survivors in recovery worldwide. She has studied throughout the years and has established great knowledge and holds many certifications .College Certified by  O.C.C. Health &  Physical Education Division: Health Fitness Specialist & Personal Trainer Dance & Group Exercise Leader Certificate in Fitness & Nutrition Certified Biomechanics Specialist and more.... Click Here to see Tracy's Education and Certifications.  Tracy has had Fitness Studios on the California and Oregon Coast. 

Click here to see Education, Certifications, and Tracy's Resume. 

     Her first book, The Stroke of an Artist, The Journey of a Fitness Trainer and a Stroke Survivor published in November of 2017. Her second book Tipping Toward Balance, A Fitness Trainer's Guide to Stability and Walking, published March of 2018. Her third book Stroke Recovery, What Now?, When Physical Therapy Ends, But Your Recovery Continues, published December 2018 and her fourth book is The Power of Your Spine, How Back Strength and Posture Pilots the Entire Body, published in October of 2019.  Her 5th book is Dear Stroke You suck, A The Journey of a Fitness Trainer and a Stroke Survivor, Published April 2020, Her 6th book is Stroke Recovery, Regaining Arm Movement. Published May 2020. Her 7th Book is Stroke Recovery Leg Stability and Walking Gait, Published August 2020. Her 8th book, Your Brain, The Engine to Your Body. Published August 2020. Her 9th book, Your Brain, Kid's Edition. Published November 2020.  This children's book won a Literary Titan Award. All of Tracy Markley's books have a chapter on anatomy, movement, biomechanics and knowledge of human movement. The Power of Your Spine book is all anatomy. Tracy believes that knowledge brings power in the strengthening and healing of our bodies for over all better health, balance, walking and function. Her books have been read world wide and have helped thousands of people.  Books are also at www.strokerecoverybooks.com

     In 2018 Tracy was asked to be on the Education Advisory Board for the Medfit Foundation.  She created this fitness professional education course approved by ACSM, FAI, NASM and soon to be ACE. 
Stroke Recovery Training CEUs Course, which can be located at The Functional Aging Institute, for professionals to gain more education to help survivors continue in recovery safe and effectively. 


To learn more about Tracy and her private personal training studio or to  train with Tracy to help you meet your fitness and health goals,

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